The Golden Hour

by Ocean City Defender

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"The Golden Hour has set the bar very high for electro-pop in 2012. This is essential listening for anyone with ears and a heartbeat." - Voyage North (CBC Radio One)

"You don't have to dig very deep in his material to hear the wide range of 80's post-punk influences that play out vicariously through a more modern love for warm and dreamy synth-pop. Using a steady wall of lush instrumentals and hazy vocals, OCD's K. Preston Merkley makes a habit of breaking the pattern you might expect a solo performer to find sanctuary in." -

This EP is the stuff of dreams, and dream dates. K. Preston Merkley (the sole Defender) has self-recorded and self-released a set of five magical electro-pop songs. The sound is clean and bright with delicately layered synths and fuzzy guitars... If you like M83, you should meet his soft-spoken best friend. You will fall in love." - The Walleye Arts & Culture Magazine

"I could write a whole paragraph about how the Ontario-based musician K. Preston Merkley (going by Ocean City Defender) creates warm shoegaze synthpop that makes you want to lay on a hill in the sun and stare into the clouds. Or how the fuzzy melodies just tend to make you feel good inside..." - Mistaken For Strangers

"The mellow waves flow like Simple Minds, New Order (but smoother), Yaz, etc." - Berkeley Place Blog


The Golden Hour is Ocean City Defender’s debut EP. Recorded over the fall of 2011, The Golden Hour presents a tight focus on vocal melody and structure; the songs are built around warm synthesizers, hazy guitars, and supported by the steady pulse of drum machines.

Ocean City Defender is the performing name of Ontario-based multi-instrumentalist K. Preston Merkley. Far from the typical sounds of a solo-performer, Ocean City Defender creates lush synthpop songs both on stage and record.

Ocean City Defender’s influences range widely from the sounds of New Order and Tears for Fears, to M83 and Phoenix.



released January 6, 2012

Ocean City Defender is K. Preston Merkley
Recorded and mixed by Ocean City Defender at Space Command.
Mastered by Jon Törnblom at Transparent Mastering.
All songs written by Ocean City Defender © 2011



all rights reserved



Ocean City Defender Thunder Bay, Ontario

Ocean City Defender is a synthpop duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists K. Preston Merkley and Robin Moss that creates lush, tightly-crafted,‘80s-inspired electro-pop with a distinctly 21st century shimmer. Their highly emotive and danceable synth pop speaks of dreams, love, and memory. ... more

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Track Name: The Freddy Shelly Throat Punch

This is all your fault again. Surrounded by the ones you once called your own. Stealing all the air from them in rooms they move around; just mouths with working lungs. Is this dancing? Is this dancing or a terrible excuse? A terrible excuse. I will release you. I left the truth inside of... This is where the fun begins, but I'm stuck underground swallowing my tongue. Is this happening? Am I listening to the sound of modern youth? The sound of modern youth. I will release you. I left the truth inside of... I will release you. I left the truth inside of you.

Track Name: Movement

Keep your mouth shut. Don't make a sound. Words come to own the universe. Don't make a sound. Don't let this go. There are things that you need to know. When the heart explodes, there are truths you will never hold. Keep your strength up. Don't let me down. Days move, but slowly in reverse. Don't let - don't let go. We could speak, if not for words. We could be, if not for... Don't let this go. There are things that you need to know. When the heart explodes, there are truths you will never hold.

Track Name: The Golden Hour

I am every question you're too afraid to ask, buried in the context and shadowed by the past. I'm the ghost of purpose floating through the fires of being here, or nothing at all. Of being the fear or wishing to follow you home. I won't make a sound. Am I nothing at all?

Track Name: The Sporting Life

What have I become? A shadow of someone? I can't breathe, I'm too terrified to move. I won't speak, this time it's up to you. Where did I go wrong? With a fraction of the love, we have to prove, we're too terrified to lose. Distance means that I've fallen out of reach. It doesn't mean that I'm gone. The difference now is I'm slowly losing touch, with where I feel I belong; with who I thought I'd become. Fear the truth you found; burn it to the ground. There's more to find, it's a long drive to the coast. Become the host; let's bleed this country dry. Do you regret the dream? Do you want out? Have you forgotten me? Have you lost hope?

Track Name: Balance of Terror

I can't prove myself to you. I can't call this secret ours. I can't crystallize these private memories, or recall the secret hours. Save yourself. I won't make it out alive. Save yourself. You'll recover from this in time. I can't lift my head up to relieve the pressure in my eyes. Save yourself. You'll recover from this in time.


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